The Journey Begins, Turns, Rewinds

Thanks for joining us! This blog is for the traveler who likes to be comfortable, especially at the beginning and end of their trips, yet seeks out local flavors and experiences.

Several years ago my partner Ryan and I asked each other what we’d do if we were eccentric billionaires. We agreed that we’d fly first class to Japan just to have ramen. Well, the billionaire part never happened, but with enough eccentricity and learning to leverage airline miles and credit card points without taking on debt, we made the challenge happen. (On Ryan’s 40th birthday, we booked a first class around-the-world ticket which included a stop at Ippudo Ramen in Tokyo for lunch with a Japanese friend.)

Being versed in points and miles, we’ve been able to enjoy some posh adventures, but deep down, we actually prefer travel that is accessible and enjoy nothing more than sitting on the streets eating local food where the flavors dance and delight our taste buds. That doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy fine dining; we just think you learn more about the locale eating at no-star than 5-star spots.

We believe a life well-lived embraces and unites via contrasts and commonalities. Food embodies our philosophy as it introduces us to an explosion of textures, notes, and history. Its power extends beyond sustaining and nourishing our bodies to bring together family, friends and bonds with strangers.

Without a doubt, we’ve been lucky enough to have the privilege to go, see, seek, find, arrive, and depart. While there are some prose to accompany the posts, for the most part, we’ve let the pictures and videos do the talking. We hope you’ll follow along and feel free to reach out if you want help on miles, points and destinations.

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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