Sydney: More Than Sunshine

A city as metropolitan as it is close to nature.  Every day multiple giant cruise ships dock around town, bringing with them an influx of people seeking a taste of the vibrant or mellow life.  Tourists crisscross paths with bankers heading to their next deal.  Outsiders watch as young hipsters relish their pour-overs in cool cafes.  Foodies take note of the endless bounty of international cuisine dotting the map.  Clubs and bars are not hard to find either.

With all the entertainment available, calm and peace are easily found along tree-lined streets, gardens and parks.  Or hop a quick ride on a ferry, bus or train that can wisk you to powdery sands and majestic mountains.  Oh and this place is packed with a friendly bunch of residents.  And being that Australia is one of the most expensive countries for alcohol, their friendliness is probably not from drunkenness.

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