Polaris Lounge SFO: So Good But Avoid Early Visit If You Don’t Have Self-control

  • Entrance: Business or first on Star Alliance international long haul
  • Entrance Method: Asiana business class SFO-ICN
  • Overall experience: 9.5/10, it would have been 10/10 if roaming attendants actually took orders and cocktails were available on the restaurant style dining.  I’m not taking off any points considering that other top notch lounges also provide salon/spa services and personal spaces.
  • Food: Excellent
  • Service: Excellent

***Updated w/ additional narrative and photos 12/10/2018***

Forget clever wordsmithing. We had a Wed Nov 21, 2018 11:30pm Asiana flight SFO-ICN and arrived just around 6pm (partly because Asiana isn’t part of TSA pre-check, but really because, we wanted to see what all the hype was about.).

The SFO Polaris Lounge is in International G Terminal, on the right hand side, just after passing security.  Lounge is huge at 28,000 sq ft. After a quick boarding pass scan, you can either head upstairs where the majority of people go or walk pass the escalator to the smaller, quieter section which is also where you can request showers. It has a small snack counter, but you’ll need to head upstairs for the sit down dining, staffed bar and buffet. There is also a staffed counter near the top of the escalator to help with reservations.

Polaris Lounge 2nd Floor w/ bar
Expansive 2nd floor w/ bar in the middle

The staffed bar is in the middle of the vast space and there are plenty of seating. Bathrooms are all individual rooms and very spacious. We went to add our names on the dining room list and were told it would be about 45 minutes. So we headed back towards the bar and decided to sample some of their specialty cocktails. We tried the Lavender Lift, Paper Plane, and a Manhattan; we would return after our dinner for more drinks, but we had stopped keeping track by then (though Ryan did ask to try 3 high end whiskeys).

Polaris Lounge Sampling Craft Cocktails
Sampling craft cocktails
Polaris Lounge Manhattan
Manhattan cocktail

Then were called for our sit down dinner and proceeded to the far end of the lounge. The dining area was partitioned off, and furnished like the rest of the lounge but with dimmed lighting. You can see pictures of what we ordered below. Everything was quite delicious and well presented. I wouldn’t say that I had any WOW moments though relative to what one can get at an airport, I did think “wow’ in lowercase 😉 Note that you can’t order cocktails from the dining staff; you have to stick with what’s on the menu. Live and Let’s Fly uploaded the menu so click here to view.

As mentioned above, we had a few more drinks after dinner then both went to request a shower. It was a 10 minute wait for the shower; afterwards, we headed to our gate. Oh and we knew we’d be overdoing the food and alcohol so we had 2 sparkling waters for every cocktail; always avoid dehydration on flights.

Here’s hoping for another international long haul on business or first via Star Alliance. Please comment, subscribe and/or share if you enjoy learning about ways to make your travel more pleasurable.

Polaris Lounge cocktails
So many beverages

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